Datamation Design Jam

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datamation design jam

On Friday November 6th 2009, the Pratt Design Incubator held a “Design Jam,” partnering with Datamation Systems’ to develop a new design program for their existing laptop and netbook carts. Datamation Systems’ is currently the largest provider of anti-theft devices for computer and office equipment in the world.

The goal of the “Design Jam” was to create a more contemporary and less institutional appearance for their product line. To convey a sense of security and safety to anyone who looks at the carts and to suggest changes that can be made without putting the carts into a higher price-point category.

The “Design Jam” was a daylong event starting with a presentation from Datamation to introduce the company and the design brief. After a short question and answer time, we started with an initial individual design brainstorm. From these initial brainstormed ideas, Datamation chose three main directions for the design team to develop further. To refine these designs, three groups focused on overall visual language and to consider the details of the design. By the end of the ‘Design Jam’ three very different design concepts were presented by the designer.

DESIGN TEAM (skills the individual brings to the event)
Carolyn Schaeberle; Engineering, Illustrator
Clay Burns; Environmental Design
Katrin Mueller; Research
Robert Langhorn; Engineering
Joel Wennerstrom; Production Methods
Brendon Kiem; Furniture
Kevin McElroy; Production Methods
Sara Ebert; Furniture
Grace Souky; Architecture
Sushir Kadidal; Solidworks
Diane Ruengsorn; marketing
Susan Scior; Packaging
Kristina Drury; Solidworks
Debera Johnson; Facilitator


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