A group of seven Pratt undergraduate and graduate students, under the guidance of Mark Parsons, production director and adjunct assistant professor in the undergraduate architecture program, collaborated to design one of the showpiece exhibition spaces for the Great GoogaMooga food festival, which featured about 150 food and drink vendors and drew tens of thousands of people.
The students were engaged by the exhibition-design firm The Rockwell Group to design the concept for UrBARN, a green pavilion featured at the two-day event in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. Constructed in the center of the festival, the UrBARN hosted cooking demonstrations, as well as workshops and exhibitions on nutrition, sustainability, and local eating.
To come up with initial ideas, Debera Johnson, executive director of the Center for Sustainable Design Studies, facilitated a day-long design jam attended by 40 people. The students listened to the sponsor’s and client’s needs, as well as potential limitations; for instance, they wanted not only an eye-catching structure, but one that would be easy to transport, build in two days, then reconstruct at future sites.

googa 2

IMG_4314 Heather-Phelps-Lipton-googamooga-181 iphone-20120519233404-5


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