LAB on a Chip

Client: Dr. Samuel Sia; School of Biomedical Engineering, Columbia University
Project: To design a processor for a high tech HIV testing device for clinical diagnostics in rural areas. Design research team worked in multiple areas in Rwanda with clinic doctors and nurses and brought back key information to the design team which resulted in additional products for record keeping, packaging and labeling. Phase two clinical trails now underway using functioning prototype.

LAB on a CHIP Design TEAM
Smart Design, Pratt Design Incubator, Claros Inc.
Eric Freitag – Director of Design Engineering; Smart Design
Johathan Cedar – Designer; Smart Design
Samuel Cochran – Designer; Pratt Design Incubator
Kevin McElroy – Designer; Pratt Design Incubator
Samantha Razook Murphy – Lead for Design Research
Ahndao Nyguyen – Graphic Design; Pratt ID student
Curtis Lee – Biomedical Engineering; Columbia University
Research and Assistance: Peter D’Agati, Heidi Newall, Emilie Baltz, Noah King

Lab On A Chip from Pratt CSDS on Vimeo.





LAb on a chip1


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