2012-CSDS and Smart Design collaborated to develop a toolkit for UNESCO. The goal of the toolkit was to help UNESCO’s Program Specialists take a more culturally sensitive approach to the creation of programming around the prevention of HIV and AIDs around the world. The toolkit was designed to be culturally universal and approachable. Icons and color schemes were created to make the toolkit easier to use. A companion guidebook was also created to help Program Specialists fully utilize the tools found within the toolkit.
hd_32b33944cd5316ec1858f0642c82ecd7 hd_eceffadc8951bf4c69e92bec22e93397 hd_40b53b5d72f84ce25d2d25e82f6ca0a2 hd_ae517f96098e95b16d589361e94ed47a
hd_4ad1400e50896e1385b5a7190eabc8d1 hd_c6e3a5e2114427484a59ecfd7c3dff75

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