west elm Technology in the Home

2012-west elm along with designing hope studio and a team from Pratt Institute worked to develop furniture concepts for the way people use and live with technology. Students conducted research to better understand existing and emerging trends around technology use in the home. From that research new product offerings were uncovered. One key insight centered around the fact that laptops are commonly used in living rooms, but don’t have a great place to be stored while not in use, and when they are being used it is often in strange postures and uncomfortable ways. dh studio designed an ottoman concept and coffee table concept around this idea and worked to develop renderings and technical drawings for each concept.
hd_46c37e90cf5a40154991cd7daa50e73e hd_3dd0c55f7530caa680d93413df7e1709 hd_24e148397fd0d98904843f7101a15406 hd_3cd2d37790ee75d8207f7f3fd23b3d23 hd_c1e7f4b6c5c0218349e0b5234c249b7e hd_abaec3c7a4a01a50d510af061f4aa5c1

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